Transforming our planet’s energy infrastructure requires innovative thinking and focused, prudent action. The way to get there is Via Renewables.


Facilitate the Future

For over 20 years, our core retail energy business—which remains fiscally strong, predictable and essential to modern life—has offered green energy options to hundreds of thousands of consumers across America.

Today, Via Renewables is evaluating additional environmental, social and governance (ESG) projects that are complementary and impactful to our retail customers and stakeholders. We are focused on expanding our positive impact in Texas and across the U.S. Our plan to bring further diversified offerings and solutions to a broader customer base includes a three-pronged approach:


Energy Generation

Our primary goal is to develop, either in-house or via acquisitions, renewable generation assets that directly support our customers’ shifting energy preferences. These sources include solar, wind, hydro, and/or biomass generation.


Energy Conservation

Optimizing efficiency is a vital component to enhance the energy grid, achieve emission goals, and reduce customers’ total energy spend. This centers around lower overall customer usage, the ability to utilize load shedding technologies, and distributed generation and storage.


Environmental Recovery

The fundamental component of renewable generation is reduction in carbon-based emissions. In parallel to generation, we’ll explore emission and material reduction initiatives and services to complement our core energy supply and offset emissions from any non-renewable supply.

Via Renewables is putting ingenuity into action to help generate stronger returns with a practical roadmap for a more sustainable energy future.

A Legacy of Corporate Responsibility, Reimagined

A new generation of consumers expects fairness and transparency with regard to how an organization manages its relationships with employees, customers, and the community at large.

Via Renewables is ahead of the curve with a two-decade history of reliability, stewardship and philanthropy in the world’s largest free energy market.

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Green Volume as a Percent of Total Volume

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Step Up and Give Back

As our organization continues to evolve, we launched a service initiative in June 2021 to encourage further employee involvement in the community. Each Via Renewables team member is now awarded paid time off every month to participate in a community service project of their choice. In addition, Via Renewables will match employee contributions up to $250 dollars per year to a charity of their choice.

This is in addition to our support at the corporate level of numerous charities, including food banks, parks and wildlife organizations, The Boys & Girls Club and most recently, the Arbor Day Foundation.

Starting in 2021, Via Renewables will completely offset our customers’ and employees’ energy use by purchasing Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) on their behalf.

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