b'We have formalized our prioritization of sustainability at the Board-level by assigning oversight of thesematters to our Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee in August 2021. This Committee isresponsible for overseeing our sustainability approach, strategy, and performance. We also conduct ourbusiness in a responsible manner with oversight by our Board of Directors and executive management incompliance with our ethics and compliance policies and programs.BOARD OF DIRECTORS4 DIRECTORS | 3 INDEPENDENT | LED BY CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARDW. Keith Maxwell IIIAmanda Bush Nick W. Evans Jr. Kenneth M. HartwickChairman of the BoardIndependent Director Independent Director Independent DirectorCEOR E S P O N S I B I L I T I E SAudit CommitteeOversees the quality and integrity of our financial statementsEnsures compliance with legal and regulatory requirementsEnsures the adequacy of internal accounting controlsReviews independent registered auditors qualifications and independenceReviews the performance of independent registered auditors and internal audit functionNominating and Corporate Governance CommitteeDirects nominations process and proceduresDevelops and maintains our corporate governance policiesOversees the evaluation of the Board and its committeesOversees our sustainability practices and any matters related to the foregoing required by federal securities lawCompensation CommitteeOversees compensation of our executive officers and directorsManages alignment of compensation practices with stakeholder interestsVIA RENEWABLES SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 13'