b'CEO LETTERThis is an exciting time to be in the energy industry. New technology and products are influencing how and when we use energy, which is sparking an evolution in products and services across several markets. Todays energy customers demand reliable and sustainable energy solutions that complement dynamic lifestyles and business goals with attention focused on how that energy is produced.The reduction of carbon emissions has become a major focus around the world and evolving the energy products we sell is a major step toward achieving this goal. This calls us to make more comprehensive changes as to what we will provide to our customers now and in the future. In supporting this shift and aligning our companys name with the mission that our Board, leadership team, and employees have embraced, we are excited to announce our change to VIA Renewables. For VIA and its stakeholders, it is imperative that we expand our efforts and product offerings behind these vitally important and fast-growing sustainable segments of our industry. VIA will springboard from the progress we have made underSpark Energy and fully promote sustainable energy and complementary services across our entire customer base.VIA Renewables proudly introduces our inaugural sustainability report. This report highlights the significant progress we have made as a company regardingsustainability, but also serves as a call to action on investing and developingproducts that further the energy transition to net zero. The following describesour present and future goals in terms of these refocused aspects of our business. We look forward to sharing the positive results of our ambitious plans in theyears to come. On behalf of everyone at VIA Renewables, I want to extend my thanks to ourcustomers, suppliers, and investors for their continued commitment. Weappreciate you, and we thank you for your partnership.Sincerely, W. Keith MaxwellChairman of the Board CEOVIA RENEWABLES SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 3'