b'Utilizing the wholesale markets allows for customization of our energy plans and one of the most effective methods to promote the use of renewable energy is the use of renewable energy credits (RECs).A REC isa market-based instrument that represents the realized renewable attributes of renewable-based powergeneration. When we procure RECs on behalf of our customers, we are claiming their share of renewable generation that was delivered to the electric grid. We back several of our energy plans with specific RECsand, in doing so, directly support renewable generators. For the gas segment of our business, we utilizecarbon offsets that represent a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions typically by carbon capture andsequestration. Historically, we utilized RECs to offset customer volumes strictly related to customers enrolled in renewable energy plans, but as a key element of our rebranding and environmental commitment, we are fully offsetting 100% of customer volume from Q2 2021 going forward. THATS EQUIVALENT TO:*Avoiding the greenhouseThe carbon Avoiding the CO2gas emissions from: sequestered by: emissions from:401,956 passenger cars2,264,427 acres of U.S.4,279,075 barrelsdriven for one year forests in one year of oil Our leadership team understands the importance ofmanaging ESG to long-term financial health and increased shareholder return. Were excited for all stakeholders to support these efforts by expanding our investments inrenewable energy.Mike Barajas, Director of Finance & Investor Relations*Estimate based on forecasted load and the EPA calculator available at: https://www.epa.gov/energy/greenhouse-gas-equivalencies-calculatorVIA RENEWABLES SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 5'