b'Our development strategy will focus on exploring investments across three unified pillars:C R E AT E Energy GenerationOur primary focus is to explore developing, either in-house or via acquisitions, renewable generation assets that directly support our customers. Thesesources could include solar, wind, hydro, and/or biomass generation. R E D U C EEnergy ConservationOptimizing efficiency is a vital component to enhancing the energy grid and achieving emission goals in addition to reducing customers total energy spend. We will explore services centered around lowering overall customer usage, utilizing load-shedding technologies, and distributed generation and storage.R E COV E R Environmental Recovery The fundamental component of renewable generation is reduction incarbon-based emissions. In parallel to generation, we will explore emissionand material reduction initiatives and services that complement our coreenergy supply and offset emissions from any non-renewable supply.Exploring these opportunities aligns ourselves with thechanges in our industry and is important to VIAs future. Our focus is on long-term growth and value thatwill provide a sustainable return to our investors wellJimJones,ChiefFinancialOfficerinto the future.VIA RENEWABLES SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 15'